What Does Traveling, Coaching and Food&Wine have in common?

That I have a keen interest in all three (Okay, I listed four but Wine is food for the soul). Through this blog however, I invite you to explore one of my passions: the world of wine. I have an accute curiosity for discovering true gems while expanding my own palate. True gems for me are represented by quality wines at affordable prices from ANYWHERE in the world. I am a wine enthusiast; some may say I am a wine philosopher. I am just a Vinopath. I am currently serving as the wine resident for Harvard Neighbors at Harvard University. I have taught wine classes and led wine tasting in Argentina, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and of course in the USA. Nevertheless, I am intent on providing a thorough representation of my own palate and share my views about the wines I taste for the benefit of other wine enthusiasts–family and friends in particular


Code of Ethics

I believe that everyone deserves a thoroughly pleasant experience while visiting this blog. Everyone deserves an opportunity to express their views on any topic discussed in this blog regardless of who they are and regardless of their views in topics discussed in this forum. I will also write only about my own experience while reporting on wines I have tasted and I will not allow my wine reviews to be influenced by factors other than my palate and my wallet. I shall adhere to this Code of Ethics and I request that all visitors, contributors, and volunteers will do the same.

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