Thanksgiving wines!

Pinot Noir

A beautiful rendition of the velvety, smooth, delicate and yet luscious wines from The Côte de Nuits made in the Willamette Valley in Oregon from Le Puits Sec vineyard in the “Spring Valley”. This area boast a great micro climate that yield great wines from Burgundian and Alsatian varieties. This wine is made form Pinot Noir grapes which are Pommard clones.   Putting this into context, all the pinot noir vines in North America come from France.  In the early 1970s there were three Pinot Noir clones available from UC Davis: Pommard, Wâdenswil and a third minor clone mislabeled Gamay Beaujolais. At any rate, this wine was a great pairing to braised duck, honoring the visit of my niece Maria Vaughan hailing from Okinawa, Japan.  This particular wine is full body, showcasing bright flavors of currant and black cherry.  Impressive in how the fruit aromas echo in the palatte.  Finishes velvety, earthy and toasty.  Especial thanks to my dear colleague Debbie Sears for this tasty gift.  Cheers!

Wines for Roasted Lamb

Perfect for Lamb and Rosemary

Perfect for Lamb and Rosemary

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